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Phone Number : (425) 747-7892

Addiction is America’s #1 health care problem.Therapeutic Health Services (THS) is a nationally accredited, non-profit organization offering a wide range of treatment options for individuals, youth and families struggling with substance use. Since 1972 we have helped people in King and Snohomish Counties recover from addiction. Lives are restored and hope is renewed as more of our patients begin to lead the lives they were meant to live.

Mental Health Programs & Services

When it’s hard to admit you have a mental health problem and quality treatment is difficult to find, recovery might seem impossible. Our sensitive and supportive mental health staff begin by lowering the barriers to treatment and deliver individual and group counseling to help manage chronic and short-term mental health issues, cognitive problems and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Youth and Family Programs & Services

There are no problem youth, there are young people who have problems. When you are a young person grappling with addiction or emotional issues, life can start to seem hopeless. When you are a parent or guardian of a youth impacted by addiction or mental health issues, it can be difficult to know where to turn to for help. Therapeutic Health Services provides a wide range of evidence-based treatment, counseling, outreach and case management programs serving at-risk, low-income children, youth and young adults and their families

Layne Staley Memorial Fund

The Layne Staley Memorial Fund is a tribute to Layne, offering hope, treatment, and support for recovery to the Seattle music community. Layne Staley was a potent, searing force in the Seattle music scene, leading the band Alice in Chains. His eloquent and passionate voice described life as both a bright, brilliant light, and such a dark and jagged place…poetry in the midst of so much pain. He spoke earnestly about not wanting people to follow in his path into heroin addiction. The memorial fund is a way to bring to life that desire.