Successful Renters Tips

Successful Renters Tips

Below are tips to being a successful renter.

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Communicate With Your Leasing Staff

  • The key is communication.
    • Your property manager may not know what you are experiencing without you talking with them. It is important to take time to talk with your manager throughout your lease agreement.
  • Be respectful.
  • Communicate in writing.
    • Make sure all agreements are in writing.
    • Make sure you also provide all Maintenance Request in writing to verify that you have submitted them and to have proof of the date in which you submitted them.

Read Your Lease And Understand Your Lease

  • Once you signed your lease you have agreed to the contents you have signed. It is very important that you read and understand any details with your rental agreement. If you have any questions, highlight them and talk to a leasing professional in the leasing office for any clarification.

Prioritize Paying Rent

  • Each month residents have numerous bills to pay, it is important that you prioritize your rent payment.
    • If you would like specific resources for financial education to help support you to prioritize your rent request a referral on our website.
    • For a list of your general local financial education search “Financial  Literacy” with your complex on the home page.

Respect Your Unit And Common Areas

  • You have the right to a safe, clean, peaceful unit and to be respected by neighbors. Remember that your neighbors have the same rights. The goal is to ensure that everyone’s right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises is protected. This means that you, as well as your neighbors, are responsible for:
    • Your actions and choices.
    • The actions and choices of all family members who occupy your dwelling.
    • The actions and choices of your guests who are visiting the property.
    • The actions of pets and service animals on the property.

Be Organized- Keep A Rental Folder

  • Keep everything in writing, including:
    • Communication with your landlord or manager.
    • Maintenance Requests.
  • Move in check list.
    • Make sure to fill out a detailed move in checklist. Go through each room and document any preexisting damage of the unit. Sign and date the document, return to leasing office and ask for a copy after the leasing staff signs it as well.
  • Keep a copy of your lease to reference as needed.

Know Your Rights

Move-In Information

When you move into your unit it is important to get tasks completed.

  • Complete the Move-in Checklist
    • Make sure to fill out a move-in check list within 72 hours of moving into your unit and submit to your manager. The checklist helps keep track of the condition of the unit before you moved into it.
    • Take photos of the unit before you move-in as a reference for how the unit should look at move-out.
  • Set up accounts for utilities
    • Energy
    • Water
    • Internet (if applicable)
  • Set up online payment for monthly rent
  • Move into the unit

Move-out Information

  • Give 20-day notice
    • Once you’re lease agreement term is completed you are required to provide 20-day notice to your property manager to notify them that you plan on moving out.
  • Unit’s Condition
    • Review the Move-In Checklist you filled out at move-in. (If you need a copy request one from your manager)
  • Move Out and Clean Unit
    • Once you’re moved out of the unit, take time to clean. Understand you may be charged for any damages that occur in the unit beyond “normal wear and tear”.
      • Normal Wear and Tear- includes any deterioration that occurs under normal conditions and under normal use. Anything that can be reasonably fixed after a good cleaning is something you should consider to be wear and tear.
    • Review your photos from move-in to see how the unit should look at move-out.
  • Communicate to leasing staff when you are finished moving out of the unit and return all keys to leasing staff.