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You Are Not Alone

Being alone and isolated is one of the greatest fears of older adults.  The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office ‘You Are Not Alone’ (YANA) program is a FREE service that allows older adults to have comfort and security in the knowledge that someone is checking in on them on a regular basis.

YANA is a FREE service coordinated by Sheriff’s Office volunteers who make regular contact with YANA participants both by phone and with home visits. The mission of the program is to promote peace of mind and security for Snohomish County’s older adults living alone and their families.  YANA is an excellent resource for seniors who enjoy living independently but do not have friends or family available to regularly check in on them.

How It Works

  • Telephone calls and home visits by volunteers are made at prearranged times.
  • If the participant does not answer the phone call or answer the door at the prearranged time, family, friends and neighbors are contacted.
  • If the participant does not answer after several attempts at contact, a series of steps follow to ensure the participant’s safety and well-being.
  • When the above attempts fail to make contact with the participant, a Sheriff’s deputy is called to check on the participant’s well-being.

YANA Benefits

  • Provide peace of mind and sense of comfort and confidence for Snohomish County’s homebound seniors or disabled citizens who enjoy the independence of living alone.
  • Isolated people are at higher risk for exploitation from perpetrators who target older adults and those who lack social support.  By staying connected to the community, participants can reduce the chance of being victimized.
  • Isolation can cause individuals to develop hoarding like behavior due to fear of running out of necessary items.  Hoarding can lead to unsanitary and unhealthy living conditions.  YANA volunteers can help reduce the feeling of isolation.

Seniors can sign up to become a YANA participant by completing a registration form.  Registration forms must contain emergency contact information and have the original signature of the participant.  Unsigned forms cannot be accepted.  Participation is free with the only requirement being that participants be able to answer the phone and provide at least one emergency contact.

For assistance in completing the registration form or to request more information contact the YANA program call (425) 388-7375 or email  YANA referrals can also be made via phone or email by friends or family members in Snohomish County that know someone who would benefit from this program.

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