Mother Nation 4250 S. Mead Seattle, WA 98118

Mother Nation Services:


  • Homeless Prevention Services

Provides case management and housing search assistance for Native Americans and their families. Homelessness prevention funds for Native families provided as funding allows.


  • Cultural Services

Offers 22 workshop programs focused on addressing and healing personal and collective trauma for Native women. Topics include trust, anger, domestic violence, chemical dependency, and self-advocacy. Each program is tailored to the participants and their individual needs. Workshops typically include a sweat or talking circle component which feature traditional healing practices and educational therapy.


  • Domestic Violence Advocacy Services

Advocates for and supports Native women during emergencies. Services include the following: – Emergency transportation for victims of domestic violence – Safety Planning – Public benefit application assistance – Advocacy with Indian Child Welfare, Domestic Violence Court, Tribal Courts.

Other - if you do not see your apartment complex call 211 and ask for your Community Action Agency’s phone number in Chelan County
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