County : King, WA / Snohomish, WA
Resource Category : HealthYouth/ Child
Phone Number : (425) 747-4004

We strive to make your introduction to Kindering smooth and informative. The first step is to call us at (425) 653-4300 to schedule a FREE developmental evaluation and find out how we can assist your family.

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Developmental Screenings

After 50 years of research, the evidence is clear that intervening early matters. Kindering offers FREE Developmental Screenings for all children ages birth to six in order to widen access and opportunity for ALL children to receive the early support they need.

Speech and Language Therapy

Learning to communicate is one of the key elements of creating and sustaining meaningful relationships. For children with limited or delayed language, it is critical to provide strategies and interventions designed to help children become successful communicators and independent language learners. Kindering’s Speech-Language Pathologists work with children and their families to facilitate and enhance communication skills that are already in development. After evaluating your child’s current communication skills through a formal assessment, clinical observation and parent reports your therapist will develop a comprehensive therapy plan and provide direct intervention services that are based in play and parent-coaching strategies. The focus of therapy is on total communication, which includes being able to understand and use language. Therapists may also use non-verbal strategies including signing, picture exchange, and electronic devices to support overall communication development.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Licensed Physical therapists and Occupational therapists work with children and their families with the goal to enhance a child’s overall motor and self help skills. Therapists evaluate current motor skills through formal assessment, clinical observation and parent report. As part of a comprehensive therapy plan, therapists provide intervention services that are based in play and incorporate your family’s daily activities.

The focus of therapy is to help children become more independent. Therapy facilitates a child’s large mobility movement (rolling, walking, sitting), small movements (using their hands, using tools and manipulating objects), and ability to interact with their environment. Specialized equipment may also be used to support a child’s development, as needed.

Family Resources Coordinator

Why have an FRC?

Families are important! The law that guides Early Intervention recognizes the impossibility of separating the needs of an infant or toddler from the needs of the family.

Together with your Kindering team, your FRC will assist you with the following:

  • Help build your Family’s Service Plan (IFSP)
  • Guide decisions on your child’s program and services
  • Inform you on available resources in the community, as needed
  • Facilitate your IFSP review every 6 months
  • Discuss any changes or concerns you have

Stepping Stones Toddler Preschool

Stepping Stones is an integrated, early childhood enrichment program designed to enhance learning and socialization in young children of all abilities. It is a place for children to be active explorers who learn by playing with people and in different environments.

Infant Mental Health Support

Parenting a child with special needs is a journey of hope, fear, grief and joy. Along the way, people may experience intense feelings, stress responses, parenting concerns and conflict within the family. Kindering’s Infant Mental Health team will work with your family, as part of your child’s Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP), to support how you relate to your child and how your child relates to you.

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