JASPER MOUNTAIN SAFE CENTER 89124 Marcola Road Springfield, OR 97478

SAFE Center provides stabilization, assessment, and family evaluation services to children and their families. The program provides short-term residential treatment for children who are showing signs of developing serious emotional disturbance and destructive behavior patterns. Short-term crisis stays also available for children in need of immediate stabilization (72 hours). Length of stay in the program typically ranges from 3-90 days, but can go longer if deemed appropriate by the child’s community team. An appropriate referral to this program would be a child who is in need of an inpatient comprehensive mental health evaluation, or who has recently been hospitalized and is in need of a less restrictive therapeutic environment. The program is also designed for children who have had one or more failed placements and are demonstrating an inability to function in a family setting. Interventions are designed to stabilize the child, determine a plan for ongoing treatment, and recommend an appropriate placement.

If you do not see your apartment complex call 211 and ask for local Community Action Agency’s phone number
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