CLACKAMAS SERVICE CENTER 8800 SE 80th Avenue Portland, OR 97206

Who can access services at Clackamas Service Center?

Our services are free to anyone who needs them. We do not require proof of residence or income. Please sign in for services at the front desk.

There is a short intake process for new visitors to our food pantry, clothing room, showers, and mail service. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable sharing any of the information requested during the intake process, just let our staff or volunteers know, and you can skip questions or access services anonymously.

Availability of the items listed below can change from day to day. We do our very best to help everyone find what they need. Please let a volunteer or staff member know if there is something we can help you find, and if you have a very specific need (a particular size of diaper, for example) we recommend calling or emailing a day ahead to check on availability: (503) 771-7914, or

Mail Services
Mail service is available whenever our food market and/or clothing room are open. To begin receiving your mail at CSC, please talk to our mail volunteer at the front desk. We will hold personal mail and packages for 30 days, and government mail for 60 days.

If you use Clackamas Service Center as a place to pick up your mail we will need to be able to verify your identity. This is the only service for which we require identification. This is to protect you and your mail from theft or fraud, and because we must comply with federal regulations about mail security.

Food Market
Our food pantry system has changed, as of August 2018. We no longer offer food boxes, instead, you can visit CSC to shop for food up to once a week. Our food pantry is set up like a small market where you can choose what you need. Most people leave with 1-5 bags of groceries.

Our food market can serve 80 to 90 households each market day, and after our list is full we can distribute emergency bags of a few food items as needed. To ensure you are in the first 80-90 households to arrive, we recommend arriving at CSC to shop in the first hour that we are open (between 4pm and 5pm on Mondays, and between 10am and 11am on Wednesday and Thursday). Please do not arrive earlier than half an hour before our services begin. Depending on the number of people who come to shop on a given day, you can expect to wait between 20 minutes to two hours to shop.

In the market you can expect to find a good variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy products, canned and other shelf-stable foods, pet food, and pre-packed sandwiches and salads. Please ask a volunteer for help if you are looking for a specific item.

Baby, toddler, and adult diapers and other incontinence supplies are available during food market hours, and at other times by request. You can receive one package per child or person, plus a package of wipes, each week. They are stored in the food market area. If you are already visiting the food market, please ask a volunteer when you are in the market, otherwise, please enquire at the front desk.

Other Hygiene Items
Soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, pads, tampons, condoms, and other hygiene items are often available in our food market. Please ask a volunteer if you need help finding something specific, or if you need one of these items when our food market is closed.

Clothing Room
Just like our food market, you can visit our clothing room once a week to shop for the clothes that you and your family need. Availability of items varies widely based on recent donations, but some items that can often be found in the clothing room include: socks, underwear, pants, shirts, dresses, coats, shoes, backpacks, blankets, sheets, pillows, towels, sleeping bags, tarps, and tents. Other household items, including pots, dishes, utensils and other items are sometimes available. If you are looking for a specific item and do not see it, please ask a volunteer for help.

Our shower service is available to anyone who needs it. The showers are private, and equipped with hot water, a small changing area, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Clean socks, new underwear, and razors are available, please ask our shower volunteer if needed. In order to accommodate as many members as possible, please limit your time in the shower and changing area to 15 minutes. If you know you will need more time due to physical limitations, please discuss this with our shower volunteer in advance.

Medical Care
Medical care at CSC is provided through a partnership with Outside In. They operate independently from Clackamas Service Center and have their own procedures and intake processes. We recommend making inquiries about services offered directly with Outside In when they are on-site at Clackamas Service Center, three days a week.

Dental Care
Dental care at CSC is provided through a partnership with Medical Teams International. They are on site at CSC approximately once per month, and can perform tooth extractions and some fillings. All services are performed by certified dentists and other dental professionals, and numbing is available, just like a normal dental office. Please call CSC to schedule an appointment during the next dental van visit: (503) 771-7914

Other - if you do not see your apartment complex call 211 and ask for your Community Action Agency’s phone number in Clark County
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