City of Issaquah – Utilities 130 E. Sunset Way P.O. Box 1307 Issaquah, WA 98027
County : King, WA
Resource Category : SeniorUtilities
Phone Number : 425-837-3070


The City of Issaquah offers a discount rate for qualifying low income senior residents. The program offers financial assistance as a 75% discount off the minimum water and sewer billings for qualifying senior residents. It also excludes you from paying the stormwater fee.

If you don’t qualify for the low income senior discount, be sure to check our full list of other discount and rebate programs.

How to Apply:

In order for your application to be evaluated and approved, please visit the City of Issaquah Finance Department (130 E Sunset Way). You can print the form out in advance or obtain a copy during your visit.


To qualify for the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Age: At least one of the residents in the house must be 62 years old or older.
  2. Income: Your total annual household income, from all sources, must be less than $58,400 (IMC 13.92.010). Sources include wages, salaries and tips, Social Security benefits, business income, interest and dividends, pension and annuity receipts, governmental assistance, and IRA withdrawals
  3. Residence: You must own or rent a single family residence in the City of Issaquah AND have an approved Statement of Responsibility. Duplexes are billed at a different rate than a single family residence and therefore do not meet the qualifications for this program.


Please call the Finance Department (425) 837-3070 if you have any questions about the discount program. You can also email with questions.

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