CENTER FOR CHILDREN & YOUTH JUSTICE 16225 NE 87th St, Redmond, WA, 98052

Our Mission 

To create better lives for generations of children and youth by reforming the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

Our Vision

Justice for all kids means more children and youth will be diverted from entering Washington’s juvenile justice and child welfare systems. Those children and youth who are involved in these systems will maximize their potential to become more successful and productive members of their communities. They will have the support of integrated systems staffed by highly-skilled practitioners, utilizing evidence-based practices, in an environment of fair and unbiased decision making. We want systems working together efficiently, fairly, and effectively, in EVERY corner of Washington, for ALL kids.

Our Approach

By convening and partnering with parents, advocates, service providers and policymakers, CCYJ develops and advances innovative approaches to systemic change to support kids, stabilize families, and strengthen communities. We work to achieve research-based, data-driven, tangible outcomes for generations of youth.

Our Work Is…

  • Youth-centered: We respond to the urgent and critical needs articulated by our state’s most vulnerable youth, including their voices in our research, data collection, and project design.
  • Collaborative: We bring together all stakeholders, including families and youth, to plan and implement our reform efforts.
  • Data-driven: We research best and promising practices to inform our work.
  • Innovative: We seek fresh ideas and interventions, conduct research, test pilot projects, and advocate for new policies that make change possible.
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